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Meet Eleanor, the queen of the open road and your loyal steed for all adventures to come. Don't be fooled by her name. Eleanor is not your average Roller Team Zefiro 690. She's the heartthrob of motorhomes, designed to charm couples, enamour groups of friends, and bewitch families with her roomy interior and sleek, comfortable design.

Eleanor has a little secret – she's got a double bed at her rear, so spacious that you might forget you're in a motorhome. Underneath this sleep haven is a cavernous garage, ready to guzzle up your hobby gear, scooters, cycles, or the odd inflatable dinosaur. Did we mention the garage has doors on both sides? That's right, Eleanor doesn't do inconvenience.

Eleanor's over cab bed is more than just a bed; it's a fluffy cloud larger than your average double, perfect for dreams of road trips and adventures. For the little ones or unexpected guests, her front dinette can be magically transformed into a cosy, compact double bed.

She comes with her own personal washroom, complete with a generous shower cubicle, toilet, and hand basin. It's like having your own miniature spa on wheels.

Eleanor's kitchen is a culinary marvel, boasting a sink, worktop, 3-burner hob, gas oven, and grill. Hungry? She's got you covered. Thirsty? Her tall fridge/freezer has enough space to store an Antarctic worth of drinks.
The best part? Eleanor manages to squeeze all these fantastic features into a neat package under 7 metres in length. She's also lightweight, meaning a standard driving licence is all you need to take her for a spin. She doesn't believe in restrictions, only endless possibilities.

Eleanor's included accessories:

  • A gas bottle for those impromptu BBQs
  • Cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, and utensils for your culinary creations
  • Washing up products because Eleanor likes to stay squeaky clean
  • Toilet paper, because well, you know
  • Hand towels, fresh and fluffy
  • A kettle for a morning brew with a view
  • A bike rack, because Eleanor loves good company
  • An outdoor table and chairs set for 4 people, perfect for al fresco dining
  • A first aid kit – safety first, adventures later
  • Protective mattress covers on all beds, because Eleanor insists on the best
  •  A dustpan and brush, because cleanliness is next to motorhome-iness!
Starting from £ 120.00
Manual Gearbox
6 Beth
Pets Allowed
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